Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on my first visit?

A chiropractic New Patient appointment is typically 45 minutes in our clinic.  This is because we take the time to discuss your health problems, perform an exam where we evaluate your spine (or hip, shoulder, etc), and provide chiropractic treatment.  During the exam Dr. Kerry explains the physical exam findings and treatment recommendations.

With Dr. Kerry, what does the usual Chiropractic treatment involve?

Every time you come in for treatment you will need to fill out a form.  The form will let Dr. Kerry know how you are responding to care, or of any new injuries.  Then you will be placed on a massage table, treated with heat, or treated with ice. Dr. Kerry performs muscle therapy / trigger point therapy on you to loosen any tight muscles.  The chiropractic spinal adjustment will be performed manually or with Activator Technique (a low-force method).  With the typical chiropractic visit, expect to spend 20-25 minutes in our clinic.

What is a chiropractic spinal adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is when Dr. Kerry performs a gentle “push” on the spine, either manually or with the Activator (a hand-held instrument).  The goal of chiropractic is to get spinal joints that don’t move well to move better, and to get muscles to relax.  The spinal adjustment can be performed with various amounts of “pressure” or “force”.

How many treatments will I need to get better?

Every person’s response to chiropractic care is different. Your age, how long you have had your pain, and your overall health determine how quickly you get better.  To determine a patient’s response to chiropractic treatments, the patient is initially scheduled for 4-6 visits over a 2-week period.  After the initial series of visits, Dr. Kerry will discuss how many additional chiropractic treatments your health condition requires.  Together we will work out a treatment program that is customized to your needs, budget, and ultimate health goals.

Does Chiropractic treatment hurt?  Is it safe?

Dr. Kerry uses various techniques to provide chiropractic adjustments, and she will determine which technique best suits you. Dr. Kerry predominately uses Activator Technique, which is a low-force technique.  She has performed chiropractic adjustments on newborns, infants, elderly, and all types in-between!   

Most patients do not experience any increased pain with chiropractic adjustments.  Some patients experience soreness after treatment — similar to a person who exercises and then feels sore the next day.  Two out of ten chiropractic patients will feel worse for 2-3 visits, before they feel better.  These patients are usually ones that come to our clinic with severe pain and long-standing health problems.

Do I need to go to a Chiropractor forever?

No, you do not . . . You also do not need to exercise forever, or eat healthy foods forever, or visit your dentist forever!  Regular chiropractic care can keep you healthy, and prevent your pain and health problems from worsening.

What Dr. Kerry hears most often from New Patients:

“I thought the pain would go away.”

Health problems do not go away on their own . . . they may subside for a while, but usually end up returning in the future!